How To: Autumn Wedding Decor

How To: Autumn Wedding Décor

Embrace the Season

It’s fall in New England – arguably the most beautiful time of year. Stunning foliage, warm afternoons, cool evenings, and perfect timing for sunset ceremonies. September and October are highly coveted by our couples for all of these reasons, but, once a date is booked, we often hear ‘How do I plan my décor without it feeling like thanksgiving?’. We’re here to offer autumn event inspiration that’s autumnal and bridal, not holiday.

Floral Inspiration:

Fall florals can begin to feel holiday-esque when heavy reds, oranges, dark greens, and berries come into play. We recommend balancing traditional fall colors with pops of bright flowers, and muted sage greens.

Photo: Loven Fresh Flowers
Photo: Deep Pearl Flowers
Photo: Heritage Gatherings

Table Décor: 

To steer your reception tables far away from mom’s thanksgiving, and instead to modern autumn wedding, we try to add a lot of color to the table. Two-color settings tend to give the family-holiday tone, while 3+ colors leans toward wedding. This can be done by adding color and texture to the charges, glassware, table runners, floral arrangements, etc.

Photo: Fig Tree Wedding Photography
Photo: Bridgette Ibbotson Photography
Photo: Brooke Taelor Photography

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