The Signature Cocktail!

Nearly every wedding we’ve been a part of for the past few years has featured a signature cocktail or two. Couples choose to create signature cocktails for a myriad of reasons; one of the most popular reasons we see is to include a little of the bride & groom’s personality into the bar!

Credit: Ibrahim Boran

When the time comes to decide what the cocktails will be, first check with your venue. Have them provide their liquor lists to ensure you choose the ingredients they carry. They will likely give you the option of selecting from call, premium, and top-shelf brands. Most venues won’t mind if the mixers and garnishes for the cocktail need to be specially ordered, but they (more than likely) must stick to specific liquor brands!

Credit: Brooke Larke

Now that you know what liquors can be used, decide upon a drink with meaning – it is your signature after all! A spicy margarita, the same as you ordered on your first date? Perhaps an old-fashioned, the drink your grandfather taught you to make? A blueberry-infused vodka lemonade, reminiscent of your Maine vacations together? Maybe a rum punch, using the recipe all your friends knew you for in college?

There are endless options to create a signature cocktail, whether it just be your personal favorite or a recipe that pays homage to family or memories. We love a recipe that ignites conversation and storytelling. Even choosing a standard drink like a ‘Rum & Coke’ because it is your favorite lends room to be creative with the drink name you choose.

Credit: SincerelyByNicole on Etsy

Finally, it’s time to perfect your drink! Our favorite part of the process is recipe testing. You can either provide your venue with the exact recipe per drink and let them multiply, or, give them the batch drink recipe and let them know how many cocktails it makes, we recommend checking with your venue to see which way they prefer. Time to start mixing!

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