Film Photo Trend

Is 2022’s biggest event photography trend right for you?

It’s been reported by The Knot,, Vogue, and many industry leaders – Film photography is the biggest wedding photo trend of 2022. It’s hard to tell how this trend began, but the popularity is no doubt due to exposure on TikTok.

We know that wedding themes, songs, decor, dresses, and flowers all go through trends – but the photos? For over a decade now we’ve been a part of countless different weddings, varying in size, location, theme, etc. One thing is usually standard – the ‘must have’ photo list. Though every photographer has a different style and adds their own creative touch to the posing, styling, and editing, we typically see the same desired shot list when it comes to the bridal party and family photos. Most often, these are taken between the ceremony and reception – unless the couple has a first look, then, they’ll be taken pre-ceremony.

Photo Credit: Kati Rosado

In nearly every report of the rising Flash + Film photography trend, it’s written that this style of photo is doing away with a lot of the traditional bridal party group photos, staged shots, family group stills, etc. This is likely due to film having a limited amount of shots, and staged photos sometimes require many shots in the same pose to ensure everyone’s eyes are open, the wind stopped blowing, etc. Instead of the traditional shots, in 2022 we expect to see a rise in bridal portraits – singular staged shots of the bride and groom, mixed with unstaged photos of the event that capture raw emotion. For those couples who find it important to have a shot list of traditional wedding party photos and family group photos, having all film photography at your wedding may not be right for you.

Photo Credit: Abigail Lewis

On the contrary, couples who are not interested in posing for an hour of staged photos and would rather have photos that capture the movement of their big day will likely gravitate to film photography. 

Let’s not forget – it’s your day and nothing says you can’t have the best of both worlds. You can have two photographers, or take the un-posed photo style from this trend without using a film photographer, or hire a film photographer who takes traditional wedding shots. With this trend rising we are hearing from more and more photographers who are practicing film and direct flash photos. On your big day, choose the photography style that feels the most like you, and that you’ll appreciate having to look back on.

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